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Friday, February 25, 2011

I'm Weighing In On The Charlie Sheen Thing

I'm sorry, because I said this blogsite wouldn't be about rumours and the habits of actors and such, but this Charlie Sheen incident is so prevalent across the interwebs today that I feel I just gotta say something about it.  And now that the show in question, "Two And A Half Men," is on the verge of total cancellation, perhaps I can get away with still retaining my honour in the sense that it isn't just about rumours and antics anymore.  That view is up to you, Good Readers.

So, here's my take:  Charlie, you've become a dickhead.  I can write that, because this is my own blogsite.  If you want to add those types of comments down below, feel free to do so, as this is not going to be censored.  When you put together all that CBS has done to accommodate Sheen's off-camera behaviour, and then add to that the gross amounts of money they were paying him, and THEN take into consideration his recent comments on TMZ and the like...the only answer is simply dickhead.  Charlie Sheen, I love the show, I've enjoyed many of your films, but as for future endeavours you've lost my interest.  You have become the Mel Gibson of the television.  I don't care how minor some of the websites are citing the anti-Semitic comment you made, the point is you chose to go there, and that's enough.

As for all the people who's paycheques you have now taken from their pockets, that is pretty much unforgivable.  Never mind the pressure you've placed on the other actors that you have simply abandoned by your careless attitude, the entire crew has gotten screwed over by the wall you forced CBS to put their backs against.  For that reason alone, you are a self-centred dickhead.

However, I do not feel that Sheen is the only one to blame here.  I strongly believe that anyone who sees someone sliding down the slippery slope of self-destruction, whether it be by addiction or some other means, it is their responsibility to withhold anything that would enable them to do more harm to themselves or others.  I'm not saying they have to help, but they should not go on aiding the situation to get worse.  CBS paid the man, swept his misdeeds under the rug, laughed off the thought that the show would be in any way negatively affected, and went on with business as usual.  That is not how you deal with addiction in your midst, and anybody with ANY knowledge of the facts of the subject would tell you that.

For these reasons, I hold CBS directly responsible for the cast and crew losing their jobs mid-season in this way as well.  After all, Sheen's problems are not new, and have never been secret.  Stopping the show during a summer hiatus would have been the right thing to do, but greed ultimately won out over caring for the star, the actors, the crew, the writers, and anyone else who helped make the show the hit that it has become.  They've hurt Sheen almost as much as Sheen has hurt himself.  Allowing a long summer hiatus in 2010, and bringing the show back the in spring of 2011 with a run that might carry through the next summer would have been the responsible thing for CBS to do, and it might even have ensured a sober lead actor to boot - but I'll bet dollars to donuts that if that idea was even considered, it was quickly dismissed in favour of selling ad time in the fall of 2010.

No, it seems CBS was willing to look the other way, keep paying the talent, and hope everything came out in the wash.  Well, it didn't, and now the dirty sheets are being aired for all to see.  Only, as of yet, nobody is fully blaming CBS.  I firmly believe that when the depth of Charlie's addiction and need for rehabilitation becomes clear, the blame will begin to rest on the CBS doorstep, and it rightly should at least in part.  They never forced him to be a dickhead, but they sure didn't try to help him to avoid becoming one.

As far as I can see, unless his voice was being considered during any of the discussions that were had regarding what to do about Charlie's behaviour, Chuck Lorre is completely innocent of anything other than mildly ribbing comments on his vanity cards - and given the situation, I'm surprised they were as mild as they were.  Since I don't know what involvement Lorre has in the process of deciding whether to go on a hiatus or not, I am assuming on the side of no involvement.  If his opinion counts, and he was for keeping the show going, then he is at fault as well.

So, that's my take on the whole debacle.  I don't care if my view is accepted or disagreeable.  It is how I see it, and since it ultimately means I'm no longer watching a show I've enjoyed for years, I'm entitled to my opinion.  Feel free to share your opinions below.

Until next time, save the recliner for me, would you?

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