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Thursday, February 17, 2011

More Mid-Season Reviews

I know, I know, I promised these earlier and real life got in the way.  here, then, are the other mid-season reviews I promised a week ago:

"Traffic Light" started off promisingly, as far as the humour went.  I also enjoyed how they tied the name of the series in with the memorial of the passing of one of their friends.  Not a lot else to say about this one, as it is overshadowed by my next title.

"Mad Love" is perfect, right out of the gate.  Remember how I gushed about "Harry's Law," and how the ensemble cast just clicked right away?  This one has the same feel in that regard.  It is really nice to see Jason Biggs in a role that doesn't involve masturbation, pie molestation, or him acting like a loser.  Add to him the excellent Sarah Chalke fresh off of her Scrubs success, Judy Greer whom I personally feel is quite under-rated and could carry her own show/movie without trouble, and Tyler Labine whom is best known as the sidekick 'Sock' from the WB show "Reaper," and you have a great basis for an ongoing hit.  In fact, I already predict that the best friend duo of Judy and Tyler will become this show's Karen and Jack (from "Will & Grace").  Much success will come this show's way, as long as the writers know just how wonderful their actors are.

"The Chicago Code" shocked me right out of the gate as well.  With a pilot episode that ends on a note more likely to be seen as a season finale or sweeps-week stunner, this show grabbed me right off the bat.  It's great to see Jennifer Beals taking the lead, and what a great and menacing bad guy they have in the form of Delroy Lindo.  Casting can't get much better than that.  Two episodes in, and I'm already invested in seeing how they expect to be able to take this guy down, especially when our lead is already into him for a favour.  Complexities abound, let's just hope the writing stays on top of the story.

And, finally, I have to mention "Mr. Sunshine."  Here we have Matthew Perry returning to sitcom television, bringing along with him Allison Janney, obviously best known from the fantastic series "The West Wing."  While Janney had some comedic turns on her previous show, she isn't known as the kook she is portraying in this one, and it is wonderful to watch as she chews on the scenery whenever she gets onscreen.  The writers need to inject just a little more of the suffering aspect they portrayed in the lead up to this show for Perry's character.  It wouldn't be out of line in this one to actually have him look at the camera/audience, as if to say 'you see what I have to deal with?' every now and again.  Keep the backing cast solid, keep the focus on Perry, and avoid any errant 'Chandlerisms' that might wander into the script, and this one will be around for a while.

There you have it folks, the last of my new show reviews.  I'd review the new "Survivor: Redemption Island," but that isn't new, that's a returning show, so no dice.  Two last things:  "Harry's Law" just keeps getting better, so if you haven't tuned in get to it...and I keep hearing a lot about how wonderful "Fringe" is this year, though the ratings keep slipping.  I know why, and anyone out there who is honest about it will admit that this is true:  Nobody wants you to mess with two universes at once!  Yeah, it's great for die hard science fiction audiences, but that isn't why the main viewers tuned in to the show in the first place!  Take a page from "Heroes" or "Lost," and note that the weirder things got the small the audience tuned in...reel in the strange, folks, or else renewal will not be in the cards.

That's how I see it anyway.  Keep the recliner free for me, would you?

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