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Monday, January 10, 2011

Get To Know Me Through My Shows

Morning everyone!  Thought that today I'd let everyone in on what we watch here in this household, kind of a Neilsen view of our television habits, so that you can get a feel for what topics will be covered more frequently here in this blog.  Don't get me wrong:  Just because we don't watch a particular show doesn't mean I won't write about it, not at all.  I am more likely, however, to chat about what I do watch rather than other programming, so it would be helpful for my readers to know what to expect, that's all.

Thusly, with no further ado, here's what we watch, on a weekly schedule, starting with Mondays.

First off, we have our daily infusion of the CTV News at Noon.  That's a given for each and every weekday.  If for some reason we miss it, no worries - I actually record it so I can view it when I am able.  Next up is the daily Corrie episode, again every weekday.  Then we get into the prime time stuff.  Often I will try and catch Wheel Of Fortune and Jeopardy, just to keep the gears active in my brain, then its on to "How I Met Your Mother," "Chuck," "Two and a Half Men," "Mike & Molly," "Hawaii 5-0" and "90210."  We then go to late night, with "The Daily Show" and "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon."  Those late night shows are constant throughout the week as well, with Jon Stewart being only available Monday to Thursday.  Also, please take note that since we have a PVR, we can record stuff on both east and west coast time, and therefore can watch everything I list, even if there are four things on at once.

Tuesday's prime-time line-up includes "The Rick Mercer Report," "No Ordinary Family," "Glee," and "Tosh.0."

Wednesdays are big days around here.  We have "Survivor" and either "Hell's Kitchen" or "Kitchen Nightmares" tonight.  We also have "Hellcats" and now "Off The Map" as well.

Thursdays are once again comedy nights, starting off with what I still consider one of the best sitcoms ever produced for television, "The Big Bang Theory."  We also have new episodes of "Wipeout," "Shit My Dad Says (no I'm not going to censor it)," "Community" and "Outsourced."  I am not going to spend this particular post defending certain choices of what watch; suffice it to say, I know quite a few Hindus, and they love "Outsourced" as much as I do, so morally I have zero guilt.

That brings us to Fridays and "Blue Bloods," the only thing we watch that night, and the only thing worth watching on the weekends is now "The Cape."  Wish there were more to list down here, but I'm afraid that's all there is.

Now, I'm certain that there are many of you wondering where some of the really big shows are, shows like "30 Rock," or "Grey's Anatomy," or such.  Simply put, we have reasons we don't watch some of those shows, and I will expound on that in another post.  Also missing are some of the reality shows we watch, and they aren't there based on the fact that at the moment the next seasons have yet to be announced as to start date.  To that end, we watch "So You Think You Can Dance" both American and Canadian versions.  We also watch, when they air, "True Blood," "Weeds," and "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew."  Finally, there are some new shows which have yet to either have a start date, have yet to air, or have yet to be renewed.  These include "Rookie Blue" and "Perfect Couples," as well as "The Chicago Code."

There you have it, what we generally watch in a given week.  If I've missed anything, I will be certain to add it in a future post.  Titles such as "Gordon Ramsey's Masterchef" and the like.  We watch a LOT of television, so sometimes it is hard to keep track.  Also, be aware that this list also doesn't include anything we've been watching and had to stop for some reason, such as "Fringe," or shows that the networks cancelled way too early, like "My Generation."  Again, topics for another day.

For now, take care everyone, and don't forget to leave me a recliner for when I come over!

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