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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Television News For January 29th

Greetings all.  I'm here with the latest news and rumours regarding the television universe.

First up is Charlie Sheen.  Lot of websites talking about his porn star weekend, his rush to hospital, the concern the cast of "Two And A Half Men" have for his health, how the network is worried for him...well, as it turns out, Sheen has now voluntarily entered an undisclosed rehab, and production on the show has shut down for a hiatus as a result.  I personally love the show, hope Sheen pulls a Robert Downey Jr., and eagerly await his return.  Good luck, Charlie, I'm pulling for you!  Details on his publicist's diminutive announcement can be found at Entertainment Weekly.

In other news, "Charlie's Angels" is making a return to television.  Following in the very successful footsteps of the "Hawaii Five-O" remake, the new series will feature Minka Kelly, Rachael Taylor and Annie Ilonzeh as the female leads.

As for my current thoughts on the way the five premiere's I reviewed in my last post are faring a week later, I have the episodes PVR'd but have yet to watch them.  For those who care, I'll post some new thoughts soon regarding how I feel they are faring, and will also be getting ready to post about the new shows starting in early February.  Hope some of you are looking forward to that.

Until next time, leave a recliner free for me.

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